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About Texas Limousin Association

The Texas Limousin Association (TLA) is the state organization for the Limousin breed. It was founded in 1971, with 90 charter members, as a non-profit organization operating by its membership for the members. Today, the association ranks as one of the largest state beef cattle breed organizations in the nation. Texas Limousin breeders registered near 16,000 head of Limousin in the North American Limousin Foundation Herd Books in the fiscal year 2001. The Texas registrations accounted for about 20 percent of the total Limousin cattle registered in the United States. The primary purpose of the TLA is the promotion, improvement and marketing of Limousin cattle to the benefit of all its members. Through the year, the members, officers and directors have achieved this goal through many diverse activities.

From its offices, TLA directs breed promotion, improvement activities, shows, sales, research and support of Junior activities. In addition, the association continues as the promotion vehicle for the Texas Limousin cattle in this state, other states and Mexico. It achieves this goal by developing and distributing informational literature about the breed, its members and goals.

TLA is also the parent organization for the Texas Junior Limousin Association. The TJLA annually holds a field day and heifer show at a member’s ranch. The event draws hundreds of current and prospective members and breeders.

The association also publishes the TEXAS LIMOUSIN NEWS. Its pages keep members informed of association activities, sale reports and current events in the U.S. and the International beef industry. The publication’s advertising also allows members to promote their cattle while contributing to the financial strength of the association. All advertising revenue is used to extend the promotion activities of the Limousin breed.

TLA Highlites

  • TLA Founded in 1971

  • TLA has 90 Charter Members

  • Promotes Texas Limousin Cattle

  • Parent Organization for the TJLA

  • Quarterly TLA Newsletter

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